The participants will gain an idea on the potential markets of donators and sponsors and their wherewithal and motivation for financial assistance of non-profit organizations. The participants will be acquainted with the necessary measures for preparation and application of fundraising techniques in order to more successfully communicate for the assistance of subsidies markets. They will also be acquainted with the circumrotation concept and will develop a presentation of their organization and donation or sponsorship request, respectively. The legal framework of the fundraising will be explained. Trough examples and practical exercises the participants will proceed to working out of the target groups suitable for their projects and localization of the various fundraising tools that might be used in order to win the assistance of donators and sponsors.
Types for Professionals
When we organize
GOES THROUGH realization of……
As Contribution to the……
The Event
The concert is based on a unique contemporary interpretation of ….. Folklore and musical tradition and … music, communicating with elements of different cultures from around the world. The participants include:
The concert duration will be 1 hour and 45 min., which will be a non stop event of modern and traditional music with dance, presented in a contemporary fashion.
The Program
The significance of the program is the unusual combination of different genres and cultures with specific emphases on Bulgarian roots.
Original choreography and authentic songs and dance. Lyrics combine different languages and with the music give to the audience a positive and spiritual message of better understanding between people through culture for living in a better world of peace, love and harm.
The Artists 
More information available on the official website 
The Executive Producer 
Agency representation in
The internationally renowned artist’s agency ... one of the leading music agencies in Europe, represents the artist and her group in… and has been entrusted by the executive producer with the operative organization of the event in , rendering thus a professional organization for a unique artistic event in. as one of the world's major cultural venues.
                                       SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS
Corporate Main Patronance: 
Placement of the sponsoring company's logo as a main sponsor in all the publicity and announcements of the event, special place for advertisement in all publications, vast package of sponsor tickets for the event, active cooperation with the artist and her group as professional cultural publicity carrier for the sponsoring company for its business activities in Bulgaria and …….. and manifold video- and sound recording use of the concert event as presents for company clients etc.
Corporate Sponsorship
Placement of the sponsoring company's logo, advertisement in all publications, package of sponsor tickets for the event; sound recording use of the concert event as presents for company clients etc
Single Donations
Single publicity services and logo placements, co-presentation of the sponsoring company at the event




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